this is me

Hi, I'm Jo, I live in Whitstable, I love living by the sea, just being able to see it every day feeds my soul.

I've been working with various local businesses over the last few years and watched them go from strength to strength. I love being a part of and supporting the local community.

I have always enjoyed all things arty, doodling, designing and have been lucky enough to always have tech in my life (starting with our household amiga, and a creative mum).

Finding ways to combine all the things I enjoy has been wonderful and being able to help others along the way is super exciting!

The driving force behind my skills has been my constant desire to find out how things work. I’ve been working as a general admin aid for a few years now, in the course of my work I’m often asked “Do you know how to…” to which (if I don’t know) my answer is always “No, but I’ll learn”.